Rachel Muzzy, MS, RD, CLT

☆ For women with bloat
☆ eat whole foods, heal your tummy
☆ regain energy & eat with confidence

Hey, I’m Rachel! As you might expect, I love food, but that’s only part of why I became a dietitian. The truth: I thought I wanted to be a physical therapist then almost passed out watching a surgery video, I quickly decided something less “physical” was my calling. Around the same time I was beginning to enjoy cooking and take an interest in what I was eating. That evolved into a deeper interest in how food affects us on a daily basis—our mood, our energy level, our interactions with others.

This is how I ended up as an integrative, or functional medicine, dietitian. Rather than treating someone based off what disease or symptoms they have, I look at an individual’s why…why did they develop that disease/symptom/etc.? I use various tools to understand your story and discover your why, customizing a nutrition program to address those things. So don’t be surprised if I ask you about the home you grew up in (yes, I like to hear about your childhood, but I’m also curious if you’ve been exposed to mold), a trip abroad (tell me alllll about the food you ate, but also possible water contamination) or your favorite foods (Yep! Let’s fit those in too).

You won’t count calories, carbs, or sodium, but you may have to read some ingredient lists, likely do some cooking, and definitely make sure you’re feeling satisfied and full at the end of the day. All with my help of course! If you’re ready to set aside fad diets and “magic pills” and start addressing your issues through personalized nutrition then I’d love to work with you.

How do you provide care?: Virtual & In-Person
Conditions: Gut Health

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