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Hi, I’m Gretchen! I specialize in helping people with Hashimoto’s to take control of their thyroid health so they can feel their best once again.
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My Story

Welcome! My name is Gretchen Zimmermann, RD, CDE, CLT.

I am a Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator and Certified LEAP Therapist. I have been working with clients for nearly a decade to help them improve their health and heal their relationship with food.

I used to struggle with food, the guilt, the shame that comes with overeating, eating “bad” foods, overcompensating with exercise – unhealthy behaviors that are so prevalent in our society today. It took me years to overcome this – I attribute my success in healing my relationship with food and my body to intuitive and mindful eating.

For awhile there, I was enjoying the all-foods-fit approach and feeling really empowered about how to make food choices for both nourishment and enjoyment. I was finally free of the restrictive dieting mentality.

During the summer of 2019, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Admittedly, I knew very little about this condition and so began the journey of pouring countless hours into reading everything I could get my hands on about Hashimoto’s. I quickly realized that there is strong connection between gut health and autoimmune conditions.

I’d never thought of myself as having gut issues and thought it would be a waste of time to look into my own food sensitivities believing that nothing would come up. Was I ever so wrong! I discovered that I was sensitive to corn, soy, whey and several other foods I consumed on a regular basis. I’d also learned that people with Hashimoto’s often have a gluten intolerance.

You can imagine how my brain was just spinning over all this new information. Was I supposed to just cut everything out? Would I slip back into the restrictive dieting mentality? What about going to breweries with my husband? What about nutrient deficiencies? How would I ever go out to eat again? I bet you can relate!

Coming from a peaceful place with food to this was difficult for me to cope with. Not one to just jump on the restrictive diet bandwagon anymore, I took the time to research the connection between gut health, food sensitivities, gluten intolerance and autoimmune conditions before making any changes. I now understand how to make food choices to support a healthy gut and immune system so I can feel my best.

I can relate to what you’re going through if you have been newly diagnosed with Hashimoto’s or if you have been struggling with it for years and have been trying to sift through the conflicting information out there.

If you’d like to chat more, I’m here to help. Schedule a 20 minute discovery session so we can connect and decide if we’re a good fit.

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