Steven Sandberg-Lewis ND

Dr. Sandberg-Lewis has been a practicing naturopathic physician for over 40 years, previously on Orcas Island in Washington and for many years exclusively at the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) Teaching Clinic.

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Welcome to 8 Hearts Health & Wellness!

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8 Hearts is a Health & Wellness Center that provides complementary healthcare and therapeutic services. We offer a wide range of services including Naturopathic Medicine, SIBO Breath Testing, Heidelberg pH testing, Homeopathy, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, and Structural Integration. At 8 Hearts we are dedicated to being a contribution to people’s health and wellness by helping our patients explore their physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Our ultimate mission is to give our clients access to profound, transformative healing.
A Partner In Your Journey to Health

The work we do at 8 Hearts Health & Wellness is about unlocking your body’s innate wisdom to heal. It is about reveling in vitality. It is about transformation of health and therefore transformation of life. For those of you who are at the end of your rope with health issues, the thought of taking on another program to figure out what is causing your body’s disturbance can feel overwhelming and utterly exhausting. We often hear the question, “What is this going to take?”

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Getting to the root cause of your health issue can certainly be an intimidating proposition. You may not feel up to the challenge of changing things about yourself or your current lifestyle, but please do not worry. The process at 8 Hearts means that you will be supported the entire way, and no change is expected overnight. We are dedicated to walking the journey toward magnificent wellness with you, each step of the way offering support, guidance, and a shoulder to lean on. You can count on the practitioners at 8 Hearts Health & Wellness to be your new “Partners in Health.”
Mission Statement

8 is the symbol of infinity. To us, it represents the infinite depths of healing we make possible for our patients and clients. We go beyond symptom management and delve deep into helping our clients transform their health in a profound and lasting way. The heart is a symbol of devotion, dedication, compassion, and connection. These are the qualities upon which we have built our clinic.

How do you provide care?: Virtual & In-Person
Conditions: SIBO

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