A Balanced Table Nutritional Therapy by Ellen Lovelace, MPH, NTP

Nutrition, health, & wellness by Ellen Lovelace, MPH, NTP, RWS
Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist
Functional nutritionist, holistic health practitioner.
Specializing in digestive health, hormones, thyroid, autoimmune, mold.
Lab testing means we test, we don't guess.

Do you wake up tired? Is PMS a monthly nightmare? Do you consider it “normal” for you to feel gassy and bloated after a meal? Are you struggling with multiple food sensitivities? Is your sex drive not what it used to be? Do you have a series of “diagnoses” with no resolutions?

Health challenges and a lack of vitality don’t have to be the norm. Does the idea of living a life full of wellness and health sound unachievable to you? Imagine being fitter, healthier, and more energized than ever before. Imagine a life without chronic health issues. Imagine springing out of bed, well rested, eager to get to a day full of eating delicious food that fuels you and makes you feel terrific.

Maybe you’re tired of dealing with digestive struggles. Perhaps you’re thinking of starting a family, and want to optimize your health pre-conception. Or maybe you’re finally ready to figure out why you’re always tired and achy. I’m ready to help you address your concerns and meet your goals.

My work is focused on optimizing health and wellness through the use of a nourishing whole foods-based diet, supplements, and focused lab testing. By examining possible deficiencies, restoring healthy digestion, balancing blood sugar, addressing food sensitivities, detoxifying the body, and rebalancing hormones, as well as addressing lifestyle challenges, I work to help your body heal and restore the health and vitality you seek. Rather than chasing symptoms, I bring you to a balanced state of overall wellness, and help you to eat, drink, and thrive.

My focus is on digestive and blood sugar dysfunctions, thyroid, male and female hormones, blood chemistry analysis, autoimmune disorders, and mold toxicity.

How do you provide care?: Virtual
Conditions: Digestive and blood sugar dysfunctions, food sensitivities, thyroid, male and female hormones, blood chemistry analysis, autoimmune disorders, and mold toxicity.

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