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Hey girl,
I get it. You’re fed up with feeling sluggish and uncomfortable every single day. You feel like no matter what you eat, nothing seems to agree with your body.
It’s extremely frustrating, I know.
You consider yourself to be reasonably healthy and you try to live a healthy lifestyle. But for some reason, you’re always feeling tired, rundown, sluggish, bloated and lacking the mental clarity and vitality you crave in your life.
I know that you want to live a normal life and be able to socialize with friends and family without dealing with the consequences for days after.
I also bet you could do with a break from staying in bed and needing to be near a bathroom at all times.

I’m here to tell you that life doesn’t have to be like this!

I’m Bianca Maree, a gut health practitioner with a real and personal passion for helping women like YOU get to the bottom of their gut health concerns.

I’ve been practising as a Dietitian for eight years, specializing in gut health and the management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) since 2016, which also includes my role as the Lead Microbiome Coach with Australian company Microba who are the leading experts in gut microbiome analysis. I have training in conventional IBS management strategies (the Low FODMAP diet) and a detailed understanding of how the gut microbiome plays a role in IBS.

I have the PERSONAL experience and commitment to help you find the missing piece to your gut health puzzle. I understand that gut health is complicated and is not a one-size-fits-all approach!

See, my own health history is complicated. I saw multiple specialists, tried multiple DIETS, suggested therapies, and supplements to help with my near-debilitating IBS. When I heard about the GUT MICROBIOME, intuitively I knew that it was the missing piece to what had turned out to be quite a complex medical mystery!

I used the knowledge I had acquired through my personal research to make changes to my diet and my lifestyle...

Experiencing firsthand just how much this knowledge has helped improved my health, I’m ready to help you discover why you’re not seeing a BREAKTHROUGH with your gut health.

How do you provide care?: Virtual & In-Person
Conditions: IBS

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